Leo horoscope for march 7 2020

Romantic passions are almost unavoidable this year, Leo: beginning in early to mid-February watch for a powerful wave of attraction, shared understanding and sensuality to arrive. Many Leos will now dramatically deepen key relationships in their lives or, if single, will take on a series of new flirtations, attractions and emotionally demanding relationships.

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This year is one of the most romantically active years of the past 6 years, Leo: expect to bring a strong resolution of outdated relationships, a new awareness of passionate commitment and surprising closeness with loved ones. Many Leos will now make peace with an unproductive or disappointing romantic relationship from the past.


Astrologically, Leo, you may have felt that a past romance would be highly worthwhile in your life. This year, however, the true emotional, spiritual and romantic lessons are due to be learned: expect present-day relationships and new commitments to now offer a surprising and deeply rewarding level of passion, understanding and emotional sharing. After late April single Leos can expect to encounter an unusual series of fast romantic proposals: if so, Leo, watch for social triangles or ongoing group complications to soon be an ongoing theme.

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Pace yourself and avoid key emotional decisions until mid to late August, Leo: extra time will be needed to settle outstanding family issues. Between early June and mid- September property matters, home agreements and key financial documents will be complicated but will eventually work in your favor. Use this time to slowly and steadily clarify your boundaries with loved ones or request a series of loans, payments or business adjustments.

As a general note, during this year, the Leo natives can feel overstrained and sometimes even energetically overwhelmed by things they plan to successfully finalize. Capricorn Horoscope.

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