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Recently, astro. The chart contains only one square: that of Venus and Jupiter. In most cases, a chart heavy with trines and having only one square or opposition produces a situation where the person tends to be an underachiever.

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This happens because they have so many blessings and unearned opportunities early in life that they may not develop a spiritual muscle. Often, they find they can get by on their charm and a smile, or they have unrealistic expectations; then, they suffer later in life as a result of their lack of discipline, focus, and realism.

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His nodal axis closely squares his Sagittarius stellium. Perhaps this is the force that has motivated Farrow to be so effective in expressing his Sagittarian gifts by exposing powerful authority figures and the dysfunctions of our institutions through his exemplary journalism.


And last but not least, there is an interesting grand trine in fire, if we include Eris—Jupiter in Aries trine the Black Moon—Orcus and his Moon in Sagittarius. See Wikipedia: Ronan Farrow for biographical details. Bio: B. She coordinated a large educational research project at Kent State University in Ohio, and worked as a public school teacher.

She began her love affair with astrology at the age of 15, and now devotes her time to learning, practicing, and teaching astrology in between short excursions to her garden. No Comments - click to write one Permalink. As we move towards the turning of the year and all of the unfolding planetary storylines, it seems like a good moment to round up some astrological calendars.

In the mean time, you can download the first four months of either Eastern or Pacific time for free here. A collaborative effort, there are over articles by different astrologers, with art and poetry accompanying the astrological information. The datebooks are available in spiral binding in English or Spanish, paperback binding, and loose-leafed. The datebook is in Pacific Time with all the time zone conversions across the world for easy reference.

This call summons and inspires us for the deepest, most loving rescue work we can imagine. We urgently seek new possibilities for healing Earth and mending humanity. Goddess-sight is here. The Moon Calendars feature astrological guidance for the year, Sun sign predictions, monthly forecasts, Moon phases, sign changes, eclipse details, gardening and fishing guides and Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights. The spiral-bound Moon Diary has similar content along with New Moon maps and interpretations, daily oracles based on Moon signs and planetary aspects.

There are New and Full Moon charts, daily forecasts, Sun sign guidance times to the lunations, month and week at a glance, planetary and lunar aspects, lunation meditations, ephemeris, information about essential oils, spaces for notes and appointments and more. See the website for lots of graphics from the products.

It includes planetary positions, lunar perigees and Supermoons, monthly analysis of key events with advice and guidance , global cycles and trends for , equinox and solstice charts with Chiron, asteroids and Eris , as well as a beginner section and original images of Australia. Designed for beginners as well as professionals, it is both easy to read and detailed. A feature that is different from other calendars: There are no glyphs in the monthly pages, the data is written out — e.

Astrid Fallon has created her products for a number of years; she is a very skillful interpretor of the astronomical basis of astrology which informs her products. Astrid produces the Astro Agenda a diary and the annual Rainbow Ephemeris. The diary is easy to carry it is 68 pages, bound with staples. It is available in French or English; the cover is in French as that is the only part produced by a professional printer. She does the printing and stabling pages herself! Astrid mails her products internationally; there are no digital editions. And, here is the Astro Diary in English.

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We print in Europe using highly skilled artisans and an amazing production team who are continually evolving with us. You do not need to know astrology to own this planner, but it is suitable for beginner to advanced astrologers. This is a start, I know there are others out there. Thank you. Have a good Scorpio New Moon week everyone. Mercury returning to the degree of the natal Sun adds more significance to that degree in the middle decan of Capricorn — something to explore in a future blog. Although Greta became aware of climate change when she was eight years old, she started her public activism on August 20, That year, Sweden had suffered heat waves and wildfires in its hottest summer in at least years; she began her strike alone outside the Swedish parliament, in a call for stronger action on global warming.

In , the year that she began her public life as an activist, transiting Mars in early Aquarius squared Uranus, which had just moved into fixed sign Taurus, three times: May 16, August 1, and September We need to wake up and change everything. Mars is always strong in tropical Scorpio. Mars is also conjunct the stars in the Scales of the constellation of Libra. The Scales of Libra are mythically connected to the goddess Astraea, the last of the gods to stay on Earth.

As mankind became more corrupt, she ascended to the heavens and became the constellation Virgo; the scales of justice that she carried became the constellation Libra. Both stars of the scales are connected to social justice and reform, adding layers of meaning to the already powerful Mars in Scorpio. Vivian E. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.

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This star is connected to the musician Orpheus who grieved for his lost wife, Eurydice. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. Brexit, Brexit, Brexit: This is all we hear about in the U. While the social and societal institutions that once made this country a good place to live fall to ruin through neglect and underfunding all around us, nobody wants to talk about anything other than Brexit.

It seems odd to say, but while predicting the future is difficult, predicting the past is not always easy either. As astrologers, we are concerned with understanding patterns, and allowing not so much the fabric but the weave of the fabric we are contemplating to tell its story; this can be tricky to understand, even when events are long past. And when we consider broad entities, such as nations, this is exacerbated by the necessity to look at so-called mundane astrology, which has somewhat different significations than the personal stars we are familiar with. Nonetheless, the astrology of Brexit has followed a pattern so concise and self-evident that even non-astrologers might grasp it completely.

This address, which came to be known as the Bloomberg Speech, took place in central London on January 23, at a. This places Neptune within a one-minute conjunction with the Ascendant. Also ominous of future woes and calamity is the exact conjunction of Neptune with asteroid Melpomene, muse of tragedy.

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Without any doubt, the combination of these deceiving, quixotic visions of a better future outside of Europe have unleashed a legacy of woe upon the very fabric of Britain, no matter the eventual outcome. At a more esoteric level, the muses are the daughters of memory.

This is quite literally true as they are the offspring of Mnemosyne goddess of remembrance and her consort, Zeus. Wherever any of the muses is configured in the astrology there is a strong connection to memories, which are an individual retrospection. The recollections of a personal past determine the expectations of how the future might unfold, and approaches to that future are selected or rejected accordingly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder precisely because the formative experiences of an individual that constitute their expectations are the remembered preferences and aversions of a subjective past.

The muses model idealism based on accepted past norms. The muses represent then, an attempt to personify the process of understanding what perfection looks like.

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As a result, one can perhaps appreciate the potential of their power in a mundane chart. For a great many people, especially those who are older, whose past travels further back and has thereby been more radically supplanted by change, the difference between what the perfect society is and the society they find themselves in is fundamentally more jarring.

George Orwell was another who attempted to frame this English utopia which seems to have become a part of the fabric of the Brexit dream. The Brexit chart is fascinating, then, because of its appealing allusion to a better and more comforting past. But let us now examine the broad strokes of the Brexit Bill, the actual piece of legislation that made the referendum possible in the first place.

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  • As stated, its name was spoken aloud on January 23rd for the first time. United Kingdom January 1, a. The symmetry, despite its disenchanting consequence, is beautiful.