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When Mercury gets in that 8th house party on the 28th, schedule in an appointment with a financial advisor. Talk about your money goals and start making a plan for the long game. Cancer: As begins to wind down, you have a lot on your plate at work, dear Cancer. The Sun in your 6th house demands that you take care of business — and lead.

Your team depends on you, so do your part to inspire. Jupiter joins heavy-hitters Saturn and Pluto in the 7th on the 2nd, making it easier than ever to forge connections. The past few years have helped you get ultra-clear on which relationships needed work.

Meetings at work become efficient and effective when Mercury zips into your 6th house on the 9th. If your job involves sales, you can close deals like a total boss. The Full Moon in your 12th house on the 12th signals a timeout for rest. With all this busyness, a day to just kick back and navel gave might recharge the batteries, keeping you going strong through the holidays.

Cool social activities begin to pop up around the 15th when Jupiter trines Uranus.

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The weeks that follow are so good for hobnobbing with your posse. Be sure to get out and sing some carols, drink some nog, and hit the mall. Get that holiday spirit popping! The financial forecast improves when Venus enters your 8th house on the 20th — just in time for Christmas! You may be receiving a bonus, windfall, or luxe gifts in the weeks that follow.

Enjoy that abundance, and be sure to share your good fortune! The Sun warms up your partnership sector beginning on the 21st. This could put the focus on love as the holidays loom. It may also bring up a few power issues that need addressing. A solar eclipse on the 26th changes a relationship in a significant way. This could be an engagement, marriage, new baby, or even a new partner entering your life.

Whatever happens will alter your situation permanently. Mercury is also in Capricorn starting on the 28th, giving you heaps of opportunities to hash out the future with your loved ones. Start talking about what you want for and beyond. Plans made now have the ability to come together brilliantly if everyone is on the same page.

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Leo: Romance and work need equal attention this month, dear Leo. The Sun is moving through your 5th house for a few weeks as December begins, giving you plenty of opportunities to steer your month in a loving direction.

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For partnered Leos, this could be the right time to let that special someone know how you feel. Plan out a holiday surprise for the one you love — and you could see your year-end on a stronger romantic note. Single Leos might want to hit the dating circuit. Your attraction power is potent — you may just get some fresh digits and a chance to ring in the New Year with a new flame!

Jupiter in your 6th house beginning on the 2nd, puts the focus on health and work for a full year. Both of these areas of your life may be ready to change for the better. Commit to your job and your well-being — and the results could be spectacular! Mercury in the 5th, starting on the 9th, helps you to up that flirt game. Bat the old lashes, toss the mane, and speak your love language without inhibition. The Full Moon on the 12th is ideal for holiday gatherings. Host something that evening and bring all your favorite people together.

The trine between Jupiter and Uranus on the 15th creates the opportunity for public acclaim. This day could up-level your reputation and give you serious clout. The world is watching! Venus slides into your 7th house on the 20th, putting a lovey-dovey spin on the holidays. Thinking of popping the question under the tree? DO IT. Finish up work matters when the Sun eases into your 6th house on the 21st. Lead your team to end-of-the-year success. You can get everything tied up into a neat little bow as the weeks march on. The solar eclipse on the 26th brings a sweet opportunity that could take your career into a thrilling direction!

Mercury enters your 6th house on the 28th, excellent for negotiating the details around your career. Ask for what you want. Sort out the details. The Sun is sitting squarely in your domestic sector as the month begins, making the first few weeks of December your hot spot for cleaning, organizing, and decorating. As you get your nest in order, you may find yourself thinking about with whom you want to share this space. Jupiter is holding space in your 5th house beginning on the 2nd, creating opportunities for romance or expanding your family.

Social activity around your homestead picks up when Mercury zips into your 4th house. The Full Moon on the 12th brings completion at work. Something is coming to a close, paving the way for new opportunities in Start writing the great American novel when Jupiter trines Uranus on the 15th. The odds are stacked in your favor!

The atmosphere at work becomes social when Venus sashays into your 6th house on the 20th. Holiday parties and drinks after work create a merry vibe. The solar eclipse on the 26th could take your romantic life in an exciting direction — it could also be the right day to begin working on conceiving a child. Whatever you start this day promises to change your life profoundly.


Begin talking about the future with your honey when Mercury settles into your 5th house on the 28th. The Sun in your 3rd house puts power behind your thoughts, but it also makes your wanderlust stronger. Mars and Mercury circling your 2nd house of money accelerate your cash hustling skills, just in time to fund your holidays.

On the 2nd, Jupiter crosses into your domestic sector, sitting tight for a full year. This can improve relationships with the family and help you to manifest the house of your dreams. If you want a bigger crib or simply want to pretty up your nest, the year ahead makes it possible. Think about what your ideal place might look like — and then begin working toward your goal. Start planning short trips when Mercury zooms into your 3rd house on the 9th. The Full Moon on the 12th is a fab day for going somewhere.

If you are looking for a day to play hooky, mark this one on the calendar — and jet off to someplace exciting! A lucky aspect between Jupiter and Uranus on the 15th could be the green light for a home loan or other source of income home-based business? Pay attention to the days surrounding this one — the golden touch is with you around this time.

Put romance on your December agenda beginning on the 20th when Venus drifts into your 5th house. Your home is the hot spot to be when the Sun migrates into your 4th house on the 21st. The solar eclipse on the 26th brings news about a family member — or your home. Mercury will be in your 4th house on the 28th, helping you to talk things out with your family — or negotiate a better living situation.

Capricorn Tarot Monthly Reading, Capricorn Tarot 12222

Scorpio: Mars and Mercury are in your sign at the beginning of the month, dear Scorpio. These two planets give you the ability to persuade everybody to your side. The Sun in your 2nd house brings a better cash flow. Jupiter in your 3rd house beginning on the 2nd leads to big ideas and lots of travel. The year ahead could find you zipping around the world or sharing your thoughts on a bigger stage! Mercury in your 2nd house beginning on the 9th could make your words pay off too. You might get a paid speaking event or a book deal. At the very least, you have a few weeks to pitch the media with your unique ideas.

Make this Mercury work for you! The Full Moon on the 12th clears up a financial issue. A debt could be paid at that time, or you may finish the paperwork on a loan. Take a trip with your honey around the 15th when Jupiter trines Uranus.

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